Be healthy, and beautiful
Mineral water nurtured by the rich nature of Portugal

Be healthy, and beautiful. Mineral water nurtured by the rich nature of Portugal

Healsi flows at various meters depth, in a pure and pristine water spring, in Portugal. Due to its rare composition, mainly what regards its high sílica concentration and its neutral pH.

It all began with a relationship which developed between the untouched and pristine natural word, which still remains intact in Portugal, and the vision of a family of doctors.
Their concern about the enormous importance of water in human health has led them to search incessantly for water that could go far beyond mere hydration.

After 10 years of research on the purest spring waters, Healsi has arisen. Introduced in a Diamond-shaped bottle, Healsi is a premium water with rare characteristics.

Mineral deficiency is a problem in modern society.
It is said that the body needs 10 to 40 mg of silica per day.
However, it is impossible for the body to produce silica, an important mineral that makes up the entire body.
Therefore, intake and replenishment through food and water are important.

pH value 7
silicon dioxide (silica) 61 mg/L
bicarbonate 56 mg/L
chlorine 23 mg/L
sulfuric acid イオン56 mg/L
calcium ion 2 mg/L
magnesium 3 mg/L
potassium 2 mg/L
sodium 32 mg/L
Internal capacity 183 mg/L

Efficacy of silica

  • Nails, Hair, Skin

    Silica creates and connects the 3 major components essential for beautiful nails, hair, and skin: collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

  • Heart health

    Silica and collagen are components that maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. It also has the ability to make blood thinner, making it harder for blood clots to form, improving the condition of the blood and blood vessels, and helping to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

  • Detox effect

    Silica helps the body remove toxins and heavy metals such as aluminum. Studies have shown that aluminum toxicity may be linked to diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders.

  • Bone flexibility

    Silica plays an important role in supporting calcium in the human body by helping to grow and maintain joints and bones. By increasing the amount of collagen, a protein component within bone structures, it improves bone flexibility and the healing rate of bone dislocations and fractures.



  • H001:PINK

    NET 500ml

  • H002:BLUE

    NET 500ml

  • H003:CLEAR

    NET 500ml

  • H004:CLEAR

    NET 1000ml


  • H010:CRYSTAL

    NET 850ml


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