About Magnet

Smiling and happiness are drawn.
Connecting precious person and a person.
We are collecting the sundry goods such as.

Glad to meet you, we are magnet inc.
Practicality,A reasonable price,A design
We consider the sundry goods which be regarded as useful, lovely design and idea.
The price never raise up by design or additional function.We work hard development in order to set the price that "I can buy this".
All product development are based on these conditions.We can not commercialize because insufficiency of these section ,even if it is likely to good selling.Because it can not be pleased for costumers as products of magnet inc.
We are always thinking that meticulous care of the people's pleasure about a smiling and happiness are drawn,a precious people are putting together, meeting through the sundry goods from magnet inc. for more people in every day.Magnet inc. have to absorbs various things and then making better service and high quality goods in the future. And we would like to contribute to make happy people's life.
Although our company is still small, we make describe all items by the English notation on the websites and package.We are taking positive toward the global business and try to make the environment that introduce magnet inc.for the person who favorites sundry goods all over the world.